Summer Apple Butter

Summer Apple Butter is made from “Summer Rambo” apples. “Summer Rambo” for an apple name, really? Nope, not kidding. Summer Rambo apples originated in France and are one of the oldest varieties of apples. These apples come from a local orchard with over 70 varieties of apples. “Summer Rambo” was selected for Aunt Becky’s Apple Butter because of it’s sweet-tart taste, similar to a Honeycrisp apple. The resulting honey-colored Apple Butter tastes like ripe apples.

apple butter  apples

Summer Apple Butter is simple, which makes is versatile. Some ideas for enjoying…

  • Spread Summer Apple Butter over warm corn bread muffins
  • Fill puff pastry shells with minced apples and Summer Apple Butter for quick apple turnovers
  • Add cinnamon and cloves or nutmeg and spread over fall fruit pizza

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