Muggles at Sherwood Orchards

Thursday nights normally include some time for thoughtful writing of a new post. Last night, I was desperately trying to finish a birthday present for my niece Anne who just turned 10. Double digits! My nieces just watched the first three Harry Potter movies and love everything magical and wizardly. Anna also loves her American Girl doll Molly. So really, why not combine the two? Anna asked for a home-made Hogwarts uniform for Molly to wear to her Harry Potter themed birthday party this Saturday. Anna is going as Luna Lovegood, Gracie is going as Hermione Grainger, and Lily is going as Ginny Weasley. (I’m going as Tonks.) At 11pm, I broke my spare sewing maching needle trying to finish the pleats on the uniform skirt. Aside from the Ravenclaw crest that will be added on Saturday, I finished just in time. But clearly I did not even remember my blog post until this morning.


Most farms in the Portland area can be found on the Tri County Farms website. This is the first in a series of some of my favorite Oregon farms.

Sherwood Orchards


Sherwood Orchards is located in Sherwood, OR. Oregonians love fairs, bazaars, festivals, parades and celebrations! Not to be left out, Sherwood has an annual Robin Hood Festival in July. The festival includes a parade, knighting ceremony, archery contest, music and food, and sword fighting. Like I said, Oregonians love festivals. Back to the farm. Sherwood Orchards has so many fruit trees, it’s hard to know where to start. Their website says they have been an orchard for 150 years and have 2,000 fruit trees. Aunt Becky’s special jams, fruit butters, sauces and syrups include cherries, peaches, pears, apples and plums from Sherwood Orchards. They also have nectarines, quince, and persimmons.

apples wagon

Visiting the orchard requires viewing the Sherwood Orchards website. Since the orchard has been around so long, it’s kind of an old-school orchard. The paths between the trees are uneven and hilly. Fruit trees with ripe fruit are identified by labels made from styrofoam plates with the fruit name, specific type and its recommended uses. There are 70 varieties of apples alone, so having the names and the recommended uses is very helpful. That’s how I found my newest favorite apple, Spitzenberg apple, for Aunt Becky’s Spiced Apple Butter (coming soon!). Ruth is a fixture at the farm and is full of helpful suggestions and recommendations.

For those of you who don’t know, Muggles are non-magical people in the Harry Potter world. I’ve seen lots of Muggles at Sherwood Orchards, but no Robin Hood yet. Perhaps when the weather turns chilly, Robin takes shelter in another wood.


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