Made in the USA

On my mission to find more ingredients and products made in the USA, I discovered I already am using one (jars) and found two new ones (fruit juice and packaging). Here’s the scoop…

Kerr Jars

These little beauties have been filled with all kinds of yummy, jammy goodness. In this case, they are showcasing Aunt Becky’s Spiced Apple Pie Butter.

Kerr Jars

Fruit Juice

Occasionally, I find a fruit that needs a little extra something to create just the right consistency. Lemon juice also helps cut down the foam or add the right amount of acid to a product to make it shelf-stable. R.W. Knudson and Santa Cruz juices are both made in the USA. Plus they are organic, which means no genetically modified organisms, just fruit juice and some ascorbic acid. (Ascorbic acid is basically vitamin C and is keeps fruit juice from turning brown in the jar.)

fruit juice

Gift Boxes and Bags

It was tricky finding packaging made in the USA. Re-usable fabric bags and muslin bags are typically made in China or India. So I selected simple white paper gift bags and red polka dot gift boxes made from Nashville Wraps. There located in, you guessed it, Nashville, TN. Since that’s my brother’s home town, I figure it’s extra special. The polka dot box holds up to 5 jars. The deep, rich red of Aunt Becky’s Spiced Currant and Cherry Sauce and Cherry Pie Plum Jam looks so lovely with the box.


Next on the list is vanilla and spices.


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