They say when you have writer’s block, you should just write something even if it’s a really bad first draft. I’ve also heard that the first draft usually stinks compared to the final version. I’ve started this post in my head (a scary landscape to navigate) several times and haven’t been able to “see” the picture. So here goes. Hopefully the final will be passable at least. Since it’s my birthday, perhaps you’ll be willing to indulge me and go down the rabbit hole…

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. I can’t help but remember what I was doing 10 years ago on my 29th birthday. I drove a moving van from LA to Phoenix, broken hearted in the middle of a divorce. My friend Jane drove my car behind me with my two beagles napping in the backseat. I had no idea that my one month old niece Anna would lead to Aunt Becky’s.

Fast forward through 3 years of intensive counseling to my MS diagnosis. Then 2 years of the Gerson Therapy to hopefully cure my MS. The Gerson Therapy is a two year detox therapy designed to cure disease. The great news is that it works! I have two friends who had cancer and one with MS who, like me, have all been cured. The challenge is that it’s grueling, so you have to be 100% committed or you can’t finish. Honestly, I only did it because I was totally sure it was what God wanted me to do. And since God has never asked me to do something hard that I wasn’t so glad I did and He never takes something away without giving something better, I did it. I also had and AMAZING support system in my friends and family. I had no idea that the Gerson Therapy would give me an appreciation for natural, organic, real ingredients for Aunt Becky’s.

Then another long car drive to move back to my home town, Portland OR. I moved back to Portland because I love it. I love flowers so much that my cousin Susanna said it looked like a rose threw up in my apartment. I love the green. I love the rain and the autumn colors. I had no idea that my love of Portland would lead to Aunt Becky’s.

I also moved to Portland with no job to go to a school I hadn’t applied to yet. I planned on changing careers from accounting to counseling. I know, I’m nuts. I was accepted to Western Seminary and attended classes for a year. Then I realized two things. First, I kind of love accounting. Second, I’m too honest or bold or insensitive to be a counselor. I didn’t realize how hard it is for people to change and can take years. Not that I have it all figured out, that’s a laugh, but I always figured if I wanted my life experience to be different I better get a move on. So I quit school and stayed in accounting. Not only is it fun, nerd alert, but I love helping non accountants feel less scared of numbers. I had no idea that my understanding if business and accounting would lead to Aunt Becky’s.

This year I decided to start selling my special jams. I had no idea that all those steps over the past 10 years would lead to the Aunt Becky’s adventure. I expect The next ten years will be another big adventure.


4 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on your new life. Your writing sounds just like the Becky I met this weekend at St Johns Bazaar. Full of enthusiasm, hope and adventure.

    I have to say if there had been an award for the best booth space you would have got my vote. The colors, the quilt, the whole display was eye catching. Very finished. Your blog is a great continuation of you.

    I may need an accountant next year when I finally lic my biz.

    • Thank you so much Cyndee! I would be happy to help you with the business, accounting, licensing part of your business. I can help break it down in pieces so it’s not too overwhelming 🙂

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