Pork Chops with Roasted Italian Plum Butter




The train to the airport in the pre dawn hours is a great place to write this post. The sky is a chilly gray blue and scattered with thin clouds. I’m going to visit my sister in San Diego for a last minute trip to help her cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. More on that later, including pictures of our sous chefs Gracie and Lily. Anna prefers to play with the beagle and wiener dog and wander into the kitchen for taste tests on occasion.

It’s funny how life weaves around itself. Because it’s Portland and Portlanders love art, there are random poems posted on the train. The poems, combined with coffee depravity until my airport arrival, are making me more contemplative. Also, the train just passed the four story downtown library. It’s a beautiful library, with the original wooden card catalogs still standing for nostalgia purposes. The library has character and smells like books and paper and adventure. The few times I skipped school my freshman year in high school, my cousin Susanna or my sister Rachel and I went to the library. (In case you needed more proof I’m a nerd.)

I promise there’s a recipe in here somewhere. My friend Jane who drove with me from LA to Phoenix on my 29th birthday, just got married. I shipped her and her husband Russell a box of special jams, fruit butters and sauces. Jane and I share a deep love of food, and she was excited to ask me about recipes to make with the jars I sent. Russell likes to cook and was grilling pork chops and veggies, Brussels sprouts and asparagus, last night. I encouraged them to open the jars for a sampling. There were sounds of licked fingers and mmmms, always a good sign. Russell poured Roasted Italian Plum Butter on the pork chops and Jane managed to snap a picture before devouring it.

To make it yourself, consider marinating the pork an hour before with a little Roasted Italian Plum Butter mixed with water. Then pour more plum butter over the top after the pork chop is cooked. Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread is also excellent over pork. I haven’t tried Summer Apple Butter or Spiced Apple Butter with pork yet, but I have a pretty good feeling about those two as well.

One or two more stops and I’ll be at the airport. Happy Thanksgiving!


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