Jam Flavors & Requests


Girls movie night recently featured Pitch Perfect, which has brilliantly funny puns about singing acapella, among other things. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil any surprises. My late Grandpa’s love of puns and accounting are two traits I inherited from him. And yes, a person can love accounting. All that to say, I was chuckling to myself over my clever “jam-tastic” title. Then I realized it wasn’t very clear but I liked it so much that I included it anyway.

Jam Requests

My customers often have flavor requests for fruit or combinations I haven’t yet made. This is where your feedback would be great! What flavor would you most love to enjoy wrapped in a polka-dot gable box?

gable box

  • Pineapple jam
  • Meyer lemon marmalade
  • Blood orange marmalade
  • Fig jam
  • Marionberry jam
  • Sugar-free strawberry jam
  • Spiced ginger peach jam
  • Quince jam
  • Others I haven’t thought of?

Jam Questions

My customers are also full of interesting questions, often about flavors. With my nerd and science girl hat on, I’ll try to answer one of the most frequent questions. Do I make pepper jelly or pumpkin butter?

In order to be really sure jam is safe and shelf stable, it needs a few key things.

  1. The fruit must contain a certain amount of acid or have extra added, like lemon juice.
  2. The jam must be heated to a certain temperature which I describe as lava hot.
  3. The seal must be brand-new and perfect.
  4. The equipment and jars must be sterile.

In the case of pepper jelly and pumpkin butter, there’s not a decent amount of natural acid in peppers or pumpkin. Lots of added lemon juice doesn’t sound very tasty. My consultant from the dept of agriculture requires a lab test before I offer pepper jelly or pumpkin butter to my customers. All the other the flavors available, combined with my apathy about either make me disinclined to make pepper jelly or fruit butter. So there you have it. But not to worry, I’m confident another flavor will make your mouth water and your taste buds “sing”.

(See how I did that…ba ha ha ha ha).


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