Bakery Fresh & Larsen’s Danish Bakery

Bakery Fresh

My nephew Lincoln is now 3. He is smart and active. Translation, he’s a handful! (Also, he never stays still which is why most of his pictures are blurry.) Last weekend I visited my sister Rachel in Seattle to help her get ready for baby Wyatt who’s due to arrive in early February. Lincoln “helped” quite a bit. For example, he dumped a whole carton of Legos on the floor and then walked away. He took his old baby toys out of the bin and strewed them over the house, making sure to push the buttons on the loud toys frequently. He asked if I would play with him. I said, “sure sweetie, come on over”. He immediately responded, “I can’t right now. I’m doing my work. Let me do my work.” Okay. Right. How dare I interrupt him!

lincoln body blurLincolnlincoln head blur

Lincoln really likes it the most when people play with him by wrestling him to the ground and doing a fake body slam or chasing him and pinching his butt when he streaks by after a bath. My sister says his buns are so pinchable that they are “bakery fresh”. So now, he likes to stick out his bare butt after a bath and say things like, “Mom, look at my bakery fresh”. It’s adorable! After his bath, I finally got him to model the Iron Man bath towel I bought for him in Hawaii last May. I realize it’s ironic that I went to Hawaii and bought him a mass-produced towel. But he’s three and loves Iron Man. Since I’m the cool Auntie, what was I supposed to do. My hands were tied.

Larsen’s Danish Bakery

Mamo, Lincoln’s made up name for his Grandma, was watched Lincoln so Rachel and I could get a little work done. We took the time to stop at Larsen’s Danish Bakery. Let me just say, don’t miss this place if you get a chance to visit Seattle.  Also, don’t miss out on the Danish Kringle! It’s flakey layers of crisp crust surrounding a sweet and nutty chewy almond paste. I devoured my Kringle so quickly, I didn’t even take a picture of it. The Kringle comes whole (in the red boxes) or in large pieces. Rachel enjoyed her sticky bun as well.

larsen'skringlelarsens deserts

This post has taken me almost a week to sit down and write. Even with a four day work week, Lincoln wore me out so much that I just haven’t had the energy to finish. Since you won’t be able to enjoy how sweet and cute and funny he is in person, you owe it to yourself to stop by Larsen’s Danish Bakery for kringle on your next trip to Seattle.


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