Baby Wyatt

What a week! On Tuesday, my allergies kicked into high gear and I couldn’t stop sneezing. On Wednesday, my new  baby Nephew Wyatt was born. His mom, my sister Rachel, was too busy giving birth and being a mom to take a lot of photos. She texted this grainy, small picture of Wyatt’s head. It was simply inadequate. I sent a message to Rachel’s in-laws telling them to take one for the team and get us some pictures. Nothing. I later discovered that they were watching Lincoln and making dinner for Rachel nightly. They are excused and thanked.

wyatt tiny

On Thursday, it started snowing in Portland, a once or twice a year event. My backyard pond froze over except for the pottery fountain. The neighborhood cats investigated the scene, but my fat goldfish are safe and sound under the ice.

snow pond

On Friday, the snow continued in Portland. My three year old nephew Lincoln fell off a chair doing stunts and “poked a hole in his chin”. Rachel called me from the ER and said she needed me. Since I am Aunt Becky and I love her, I made a break for it between snow storms and drove to Seattle to help out and snuggle baby Wyatt. Thankfully the roads were fairly clear after about half-way up to Seattle and the blue sky and sun even showed up.

snowy roads

Upon my arrival in Seattle, I uploaded a plethora of photos to Facebook for Heather and other family and friends. I even added a few videos of Wyatt wiggling on his blanket to make Auntie Heather really envious. Big brother Lincoln may “love” Wyatt to death, including “tickling” his head by wobbling it back an forth. Lincoln does love his new baby brother. I will breathe a little easier once Wyatt gains about 30 lbs. I also brought Rachel a couple blueberry scones with Meyer lemon marmalade glaze. The receipe will be posted soon.

wyatt rockerwyattbig brother

On Saturday, the snow in Portland continued falling. I spent the day holding Wyatt, straightening up the house for Rachel and running errands. I’m now the proud owner of snow chains for Eleanor, my car. Lincoln and I went to the Brown Bear car wash to rinse off Eleanor. Lincoln said “Oh baby! Oh baby!” to express his delight in the drive-through car wash.

Ironically, I escaped the snow in Portland and it stated falling in Seattle Saturday evening.

seattle snow

On Sunday, an ice storm is expected. Rather than getting stuck on the highway, I’m going to lay low in Seattle and hold Wyatt for a few more hours. Eventually, I’ll need to get home. It will be nice to check on Rose Cottage and assess the damage to my garden. In the meantime, I’m spending my time whispering I love you to Wyatt and telling him how I will spoil him and watching Monsters Inc with Lincoln. Life is pretty sweet.


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