Loganberry Jam

What a lovely spring morning! It’s not exactly lovely…it’s overcast and rainy and damp. But my hellebores and tulips are lovely and my violet and heuchera filled pot is pretty. Today is Gardenpalooza! (It’s as awesome and nerdy as it sounds and you will hear more about it soon.)

helleborestulipsviolet and heuchera

Most importantly, I have a fresh supply of loganberry jam! I finally found a local farm with frozen loganberries. Yesterday, I took the day off work and drove out to Bithell Farms in Boring, Oregon. Yes, the name of the city is really Boring. Dull, Scotland is the sister city of Boring, Oregon. Keep Oregon Weird! Okay, okay, okay, I’m obviously in a good mood. I’ll try and lay off the exclamation points. Anyway, Bithell Farms hooked me up with a 14 pound box of loganberries. For those of you who aren’t familiar with loganberries, they are a hybrid of red raspberry and blackberry. Loganberries have a rich, unique berry taste and are actually my favorite berry for making jam. Although I do love Hood River Strawberries and classic raspberries and Triple Crown Blackberries and …. okay, I can’t really choose a favorite.

Yesterday, Flat Stanley and I stirred up a vat of loganberry jam. You will be hearing more about Flat Stanley in another post as well. But just so you don’t think I’m crazy (too late?), I’ll give you a little teaser. Flat Stanley is a children’s book about a boy named Stanley who was flattened by a bulletin board. Because he is flat, he is also small enough to be mailed around the world. This spring, Chef Lily’s Flat Stanley is visiting me here in Portland. He goes where I go and “helps” me do things. Now it should make a little more sense when I say that Flat Stanley and I whipped up a batch of loganberry jam together. You’ll have to wait until my Flat Stanley post to see what he looks like.

loganberriesloganberry cookingloganberry jam

With labels and seals attached, the newest batch of loganberry jam is ready for sale. Get it while it’s hot. Technically it was hot yesterday, but you get the point. Enjoy your Saturday!






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