Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is…

A children’s book about a boy flattened by a bulletin board who travels around the world….

A small town celebrity….

The best boyfriend I’ve ever had? Sadly, that’s not far from the truth. Stanley likes doing all the things I like to do. He’s adventurous and easy to please. My only complaint it that we only spend time together when another 2nd grader mails him to me for a class project.

This year was Chef Lily’s turn to send Stanley to me. She sent a prequel letter with a list of required items Stanley should pack for his trip to Portland. The list included “an apron because he will be forced to cook, a soccer ball so we can play, and a stool so he can get up on the bed”. Honestly, even I felt that was going to far, so Stanley “slept” in the envelope he arrived in.

The actual letter that came with Stanley included more detail of his humble beginnings and an additional list of instructions. The final sentences sums it up, “please take lots of photos because my class and me want to see what Oregon looks like. Thank you for doing what I said. Love, Lily”. Well, that’s some presumption, she just assumes I will follow her commands!?! A little cheeky if you ask me…but honest and correct. Here are some of the fun things we did together.

Stanley participated in a video conference call in our Rose City Room. Being in Portland, we couldn’t just name it Conference room A or something else equally boring. The larger training room is called Stump Town Annex after another one of Portland’s nicknames. He also looked longingly out the window at the rainy spring weather when I worked from home on a Friday. He lunched at a local restaurant with a cool mural for my former co-worker Hilary’s goodbye lunch.

video conference callgardenwork restaurant


Like Lily, Stanley is a great “cook-ah”. He gobbled raw cookie dough while making oatmeal butterscotch cookies. Stanley sang the old SNL Dana Carvey song while he chopped bro-cc-oli. He grilled the first burgers of the year made with grass fed beef from a local farm mixed with Big Tony Brown’s seasoning Dust.

making jamchoppin broccolibbq

Hair and Eye
His vision was tested at the eye doctor too: perfect 20/20! The cheesiest photo is me holding Stanley after a much needed haircut and color.

eye doctorhaircut and color

Stanley tiptoes through the tulips and met William and Judy, the hosts of Portland’s Garden Time TV at Gardenpalooza.

tulipswilliam and judy

Stanley likes to party too. He modeled small bag at the 31 party I hosted with my friend Cindy. And he met the lovely Evie and Ava, two girls who are just a few years away from sending their own Flat Stanley.

31 partyevie and ava

On my way to hand-deliver Stanley, we perused through the Powell’s bookstore at the Portland airport. Stanley insisted I purchase the stuffed animal beagle, horse and wiener dog for my niece. All I could hear in my head was Lily’s letter “thank you for doing what I said.”


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