San Diego

Each time I visit my sister Heather in San Diego my friends in Portland ask what we’re going to do. It’s usually things like, go to the fire station or the county fair with the girls’ Girl Scout troop, help my sister with the semi-annual clothing swap to exchange winter and summer clothes, do a few loads of laundry, sit around in my pajamas until 11am, watch a movie on Netflix but fall asleep at 9pm because Lily woke me up at 6am, etc. The girls are now old enough to do some sight-seeing and visit some of San Diego.

Seaport Village

Heather and the girls picked me up from the airport and Gracie and I modeled our seashell necklaces that Grace made. The two halves of the shell together say “Best Aunt” (insert “awwww”). Like you would expect from it’s name, Seaport is a Village by the sea full of small shops and restaurants. For example, there’s a shop just of wooden toys and one dedicated to animals.

Gracie necklaceseaport villagegirls seaport village

Ear Piercing

Horton Plaza is within walking distance of Seaport Village. Lily has been dying to get her ears pierced. Grace had her ears pierced when she was six and because of her sensitive skin, her ears didn’t stay pierced. Grace was definitely not interested. Anna was on the fence. Surprising to Heather, I also got my ears double pierced. I did them myself when I was 14, but was not allowed and had to take the earrings out. With Heather’s encouragement  of “you’re only 39 once”! I went for it. Anna took the plunge too.

anna ear piercingear piercing

Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier has a great bike path and walking trail along the ocean. Wild brown pelicans land on the edge of the pier for fish feedings. There’s a sign nearby the pelican stop that says the pelicans bite. The girls were nervous having their picture taken so close. Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier has a beautiful view of the ocean while eating classic cheese burgers.

oceanside pierpelicanafternoon sun

Garden Girls

anna gardengracie gardenlily garden

Old Town San Diego

To my surprise, Old Town San Diego is just like it sounds….it’s an old town. It’s the center of the original San Diego. We stopped at Coyote Café for fish tacos and I enjoyed a Cadillac margarita.

old towncoyote cafebouganvillia

Random Extras

Wow! What a trip! Here are a couple of my favorite extras. Gracie’s horse guarding her bed when we checked in on her after she went to sleep.

grace horse guardian

Lily sprinkling cheese on macaroni and cheese we made with the “Horsin-Around” horse shaped pasta I bought Grace for her birthday.

lily mac and cheese

The garden at Stone Brewery. It’s becoming tradition for Heather and I to have a girls night at Stone Brewery. They have a beautiful garden FULL of frogs, Adirondack chairs and fire pits.

stone brewery

While it was so fun visiting San Diego, my next visit will probably be more like the usual. For example, I’m looking forward to seeing Grace and Lily perform with their baton team for the July 4th celebration at Grape Day park.






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