Ribbon Reserves

Aunt Becky’s is pleased to announce the Ribbon Reserves product line. Ribbon Reserves are special jams infused with wine, spirits and gourmet ingredients. Aunt Becky’s will continue to source local fruit and non-GMO ingredients was well as focusing on ingredients and packaging made in the USA. Ribbon Reserves are small batch, limited edition flavors. Blackberry Merlot is the first Ribbon Reserves special jam and will be available on Etsy and at Crafty Wonderland in Portland on May 10th. Upcoming flavors may include Strawberry Champagne Jam, Strawberry Tahitian Vanilla Balsamic Jam, and Raspberry Jam with Pear Infused Brandy. Like many of Aunt Becky’s classic and unique flavors, Ribbon Reserves will also have ideas for enjoying as well as recipes.A special thanks to my talented cousin Susanna for the beautiful logo and my friend Diana for the encouragement and marketing tips.

AuntBecky_RibbonReserves_2014-04-27 FINAL




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