I Heart Rhubarb

I Heart Rhubarb! I mean I love, love, love it! When I was in the second grade, my mom made a rhubarb pie for Thanksgiving. One of the grown-ups wanted a piece of that rhubarb pie right after dinner. My mom and Grandma were clearing the table and doing dishes. I always hung around the kitchen sink or counter where Grandma was working. She would pack a Tupperware container full of left-overs. Then Grandma would scrape any little bits left with the serving spoon and call me over. “Becky, eat the last wee little bit of this will you?” I obediently opened my mouth like a baby bird and Grandma shoved the rather large spoonful into it. And you wonder why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?! The Thanksgiving of the aforementioned rhubarb pie was a little more chaotic than most. I’m not sure why, but there seemed to be more people in and out of the kitchen. Maybe it was a one-butt kitchen. Who knows. All I remember is that the rhubarb pie was calling my name like a siren song. When no one was looking, I snuck a tiny piece of the filling. Unfortunately, I misjudged my greedy heart. By the time mom and Grandma were done washing dishes, I had eaten almost 3/4 of the filling out of the pie. There was a bit left in the middle and an empty husk of a pie crust. I got in big trouble, but it was delicious.

rhubarb stalksrhubarb choppedrhubarb long stalks

If you’ve never tasted rhubarb, it’s often served with strawberries. I like it just on it’s own. Aunt Becky’s rhubarb came from a local farm grower store with a freshly picked box from the Washington Rhubarb Growers Association. Sumner, WA is the Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World! Yet another reason to visit the Pacific Northwest!

My love of rhubarb has not waned over the years since the second grade. When I was approved as a vendor for Crafty Wonderland, I rushed to make a big batch of Rhubarb Fruit Spread. I don’t know very many people who really like rhubarb, but I figured the worse case scenario would be me eating it all. It turns out that Portland loves rhubarb too! It was one of my best sellers. I heard lots of comments like “this reminds me of my mom’s rhubarb pie!” I didn’t ask anyone if their mom’s rhubarb pie looked like my mom’s after I was done picking through the filling. I just smiled and ate some over ice cream for my dessert that night.


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