Welcome Summer

Wow, how is it June!?! I recently started reading “The Fault in Our Stars” (recommended to me well before I knew a movie was in production, thank you very much). The book includes deep themes related to existence and the meaning of life. It also includes big words I can mostly guess the meaning of, if I don’t know exactly. So I’m slightly chagrined at my start of “wow”, but only a little. I gotta be me.

I’m also realizing it’s been too long since my last post. This may be the way of things for a few months. I’m going to try and go a little easy on myself as we approach summer. It’s summer, when light and joy arrive in Portland with a bang. It’s also fruit picking season and Farmers’ Market season. Finally, it’s also my busy season at work. June marks the tail end of budget season and the beginning of audit season at the nonprofit I work for. Given the fun and busyness, I have neglected writing.

My big plans recently this year included building raised garden beds. I’ve had garden beds at my house since I moved in five years ago. After carefully building compost, planning my plantings, and checking the soil ph, I usually get a handful if green beans and some small so-so tomatoes. Change is here!

My customers often ask me if I grow the fruit I use in my jam. Ha ha no, I say, my garden is for my own backyard grazing. Plus I could never grow enough as I need. Strawberries this year alone filled 12 flats.

With a heart full of vegetable love, I build new cedar raised beds. The PVC pipe is for holding a raspberry and tomato trellis and crop covers in the fall and winter. The plastic on the sides is to protect the wood to give it a bit more life.






Strawberry jam flavors coming soon!


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