Strawberry Wine and Portugal

My Grandma Beulah was Portuguese. Her family immigrated to Hawaii where she met my Grandpa John when he was stationed at in the Navy at Pearl Harbor during WWII. When I visited Hawaii last year, I learned that there were many Portuguese immigrants in the state. It made me feel like I found a little more of my roots.

So how does Portugal relate to Strawberries? Wine silly! My favorite summer wine is a light Rose from Portugal. Even though I’m making an exception to my goal of purchasing items made in the USA, I still feel like it’s me-ish. And I’m okay with that. In this case “that” refers to the Portuguese wine as well as the run-on sentences and use of the phrase “me-ish”.

strawberry bowlrosestrawberry jar

The newest flavor from Ribbon Reserves, Strawberry Wine Sauce is fully of goodness from Oregon and Portugal. Hood strawberries were sliced and added to the sterilized jars. Then light Strawberry Rose sauce was poured over the top for a light, refreshing sauce. The rose is delicate and goes perfectly with the tender Hood strawberries. Enjoy it over strawberry shortcake or vanilla bean ice cream, maybe with a glass of rose.

strawberry filled


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