Featured Farm: Baggenstos Farm

Baggenstos Farm is another one of my favorite farms. Last weekend, a bunch of my girlfriends joined me to pick raspberries. The morning was cloudy and overcast with a very tiny sprinkling of rain. It was also warm and humid. Baggenstos Farm has u-pick strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Later in the summer, I’ll visit again for buckets of Roma tomatoes to freeze whole for sauces and soups, can whole to send to my sisters and dry in the oven for home-made “sun dried” tomatoes. The Farm is also popular in the fall for squash, potatoes and onions as well as events. Autumn events include a tractor hay ride to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin bowling and lots of other fun fall activities.

raspberriesfarmsign post

My friend Danette brought her daughter Maggie to help pick. I missed the opportunity to snap a photo; Maggie was the best dressed out of all of us. Think pink polo shirt, jeans and pink polka-dot rain boots in case the fields were muddy. After about 30 minutes, Maggie decided the big play structure was much more fun than toiling in the fields.

truckberry bucketberry rows

Tiffany and Carrie, also known as “the sisters”, helped pick a couple extra buckets after their containers were filled. Yes, they really are sisters. Yes, they often sing the song “Sisters” from White Christmas when referred to as sisters. (You haven’t seen White Christmas?!? Buy it. Watch it. Now. Celebrate Christmas in July.) Yes, their giggles are just as contagious as you would expect based on their adorable dimples.


With the recent raspberry bounty, I will be making classic Red Raspberry Jam and Ribbon Reserves Raspberry Jam with Pear-Infused Brandy. If you live in the Portland area, July 4th weekend is a fabulous time to pick berries. Most people don’t think of going or are out of town. Go early at 9am when the farm opens. The berries will jump into your bucket.


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