Aunt Becky’s in the News

Aunt Becky’s Special Jam was featured on the front page of the Tualatin Times. You can read the entire article by clicking here

My first season at the Tualatin Farmers Market is in full swing. PS Tualatin is pronounced Too-wall-a-tin, say it fast! Not knowing what to expect, I’m overwhelmed, just a bit…. A quick trip to San Diego for the 4th. Berry, currant and early apple picking. Fruit mashing, measuring, cutting, and processing. Vats of jam to make. New recipes to try then perfect. Samples to bake. Garden to prune, fertilize, trim, mow, and weed. Batches of regular and cinnamon applesauce for the locusts (aka my nieces and nephews). Teaching my 4 Seasons of Felt crafting class at church. Plus my fun social calendar comprised mostly of hanging out with friends at dinner or with a glass of wine on the patio.

In the midst, I met a sweet, ambitious, smart reporter named Caitlin. She visited the farmers market a few weeks ago to write a story. The next week, Caitlin called to ask if she could write a story about Aunt Becky’s. Of course! How fun!

I sent a group text to my sisters and brother….
Me: I met a reporter who wants to do a story about me for the local paper!
Heather: For what?
Daniel: WOW!!! What is she interviewing you about?
Rachel: How to b crazy. 2 steps or less. Lol Becky. Lol.
Daniel: Pretty sure it doesn’t take 2 steps.
Siblings!!! They were all rolling with laughter. Hardy har har.

Caitlin and Jamie, a photographer came over to talk and take photos of me making jam. Did I mention that Caitlin is also beautiful and has gorgeous long honey brown hair. I advised her not to spend one second of her 20’s feeling insecure – advice I wish someone had shared with me at her age. Jamie was super cool as well; he’s one of those people who is easy to talk to and feel comfortable with as he’s taking pictures.

Jamie brought his adorable third grade daughter Talia. It summer break and she was a trooper, going to stories all day with her dad. Well, I am not Aunt Becky for no reason! It was very hot. So I set her up in front of the TV with The Emperors New Groove, a box fan, and ice water in my special Disney princess cup. I was going to put in Frozen but I cannot figure out where it went. I even posted a request on Facebook to see if I had loaned it out and forgotten. My friend Wendy suggested that I “let it go”. Nice one Wendy. Talia was a little shy until I offered her a bowl of Royal Brooks cherries. Her face it up in a big smile. Like I said, she’s adorable.

I made a batch of raspberry jam in my kitchen while Caitlin asked questions and Jamie took photos. They were very good sports in the heat. After the jam was made my kitchen was a mess. But it was too hot to do dishes just then. I brought out my jam samples. Talia tried them all. Then we ate cheesecake covered with Strawberry Wine Sauce.

The experience was really fun. I was more surprised than anyone to learn that the story was on the front page of the Tualatin Times. My friends texted me stuff like, “congratulations, why didn’t you mention that you have a blond friend who’s single?” “why didn’t you tell them the blackberry merlot jam in brownies was my idea”, “now you’re the famous Aunt Becky but I knew you back when”, etc. Not to worry, I am still just me. The frenzy of fruit and market season continues. I have more flavors and recipes than I can post. Next up is Cherry Amaretto Sauce that I made with those Royal Brooks Cherries.


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