Rose Petal Jelly

Jam lovers are really creative! A week ago, I received a call from Elaine asking if I made anything that was rose flavored. Well no, but I can. On the quest for a new experiment and a lovely jelly, I promised to make a batch of Rose Petal Jelly.

Roses, like many flowers, are edible. Who knew. I don’t spray my roses during the summer and only feed them with organic fertilizer so they’re safe for eating.

Early last Saturday (like 9ish for me), I picked a bowl of roses from my English rose garden. I pulled off the petals, snipped the white tips (which are bitter) and washed the petals.


After a few hours of soaking the petals in a syrupy mix, I strained them and was blessed with a lovely pinky red color. Yes, it smells like roses.


After more simmering and a little lemon juice, the jelly was almost done. I added a few of the petals back into the jelly because they were so beautiful. The resulting Rose Petal Jelly has a light lemon flavor and a very soft, sweet rose flavor and scent.


If you want your own Rose Petal Jelly, you’ll have to get in line behind Elaine. There are still a few more weeks left of summer and my roses are blooming. You can also try a sample today at the Tualatin Farmers’ Market from 4 till 8.


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