One year ago, I woke up from a dream about starting my own jam business. Aunt Becky’s special jams, fruit butters, sauces and syrups was born.

times final

So much had happened in a year! New flavors and craft shows. Farmers’ market on Fridays. Front page of the local paper. Three new nephews in 6 months (baby Wyatt in Seattle and adopted 4 year old “A” and his baby brother “S” in San Diego). My sisters don’t mess around! Garden projects. Recipes for the obvious breakfast and dessert. Recipes for the unexpected appetizers, salads and meat glazes. Fruit picking. Endless jars of jam. Research to find the best organic cane sugar (Florida’s Crystals), non GMO pectin, jars and packaging made in the USA. Ribbon Reserves line of wine and spirit infused jams. Best of all, so much fun!


Thank you to all my family, friends and customers! Aunt Becky’s would not be the same without you taste testers, sample eaters, idea bouncer-off-ers, marketing suggesters, logo designers, volunteer booth sellers, technology assisters, cheerleaders, quilt sewers, truth tellers, encouragers and jam lovers.

Here’s to a new year!

amaretto sour



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