Peach Bourbon Jam and the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is this week! Where did October go? My whirlwind travel is coming to a close as I wait to board a plane from Nashville to Washington, DC. Somehow I managed to simmer a batch of Peach Bourbon Jam between trips to the Oregon Coast, San Diego, Seattle, Nashville and Pigeon Forge TN and Washington, DC.

Peach Bourbon Jam has been in my list of recipes to make for months. In August, my friend Kristine and I picked huge boxes of Veteran and Suncrest peaches. The Veteran peaches have a classic peach flavor and are perfect for classic peach jam. The Suncrest peaches have a hint of flowers mixed with luscious peach juiciness.

peach box peaches

To the Suncrest peaches, I added a smokey bourbon and a tiny bit of autumn spices. A spoon or two of dark molasses along with both organic cane and Demerara (coarse brown) sugar finished the recipe for a resulting sweet and smokey, golden Peach Bourbon Jam.

A trip to the pumpkin patch was now in order. Baby Wyatt stayed with Momo and Papa and Rachel and I drove out to Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm with Lincoln.


Our first stop was for Batman face painting. Lincoln loves Batman! Recently his “Hanty” (aunt) Michelle asked Lincoln “if you couldn’t be Batman who would you be?” Without missing a beat, Lincoln replied “Bruce Wayne”. Silly Hanty! Lincoln refers to baby Wyatt as “Baby Robin” or, my favorite, “Baby Dick Grayson”. Now I think you can see the intense importance of the Batman face painting first thing. The misty rain started to drizzle down the face paint almost immediately to create a drippy black mess. Lincoln was in love.

batmanhay ride

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm has a lot to offer! We consumed caramel apples, cinnamon cider donuts and warm apple cider. Lincoln rode the John Deer tractors in the old barn. We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Lincoln dropped baby Wyatt’s pumpkin in a big mud puddle then graciously offered to plow in with his rubber boots to retrieve it. This year, Lincoln refrained from drinking the filthy pumpkin washing water. He did a great job working the pump.

pumpkinpuddlewater pump

After about two hours we traipsed back to the car and stripped down a wet, muddy, sticky, smeared-face-painted boy. All in all, it was another fabulous year. Maybe next year baby Wyatt will be old enough to go and roll around in mud puddles. What joy!



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