Girls Weekend

It’s mid-November, but I’m still stuck in October. Being an organizer, it goes a little against the grain for me to blog out of order or be late. But I also don’t like skipping big things. Does anyone really care? I say no.

A month ago, I visited my sister Heather in San Diego for a girls weekend with my sister and nieces. We sang and danced at a Rend Collective concert; the first concert ever for Gracie and Lily.


The band is Irish and plays upbeat Christian music with a variety of unusual instruments. The last set was all instruments made from old suitcases. The one female band member isn’t pictured because her instrument caught on fire. Anna loved it! (It was a tiny fire and no one was hurt.)


The next day, we enjoyed shopping at the American Girl doll store in LA. Gracie finally got her doll, Rebecca. Anna and Lily celebrated their birthdays.



We spent some time with the boys too. I held baby S for the first time. And played with A. We picked out pumpkins on an 85 degree day in San Diego. Because the boys aren’t legally adopted yet, I can’t share any pictures. Trust me when I say that I will be out of control with photos when I am allowed!


It may take a few weeks to write about all my October travel. But not to worry, I won’t skip anything good to stay on my bossy little timeline. Next up is Cranberry Orange Sauce for Thanksgiving.


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