Cranberry Orange Sauce

On November 1st I saw a Christmas commercial on TV. How did we skip Thanksgiving?!? When did we start the holiday season so early and why? Do we really have to have two months of shopping and activities to cram it all in? When does life get so busy that it stops being fun?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Black olives on each finger, a turkey leg, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and pies are my must haves.

Aunt Becky’s Cranberry Orange Sauce is my latest creation just in time for my favorite holiday. Freshly squeezed orange juice softens tart Oregon cranberries and lends a very delicate orange essence to the each jar.



Thanksgiving is also about hanging out, wearing pants with an elastic waist and watching football or going to the movies. There’s always one or two rowdy kids and persnickety family members. A stranger or acquaintance gets invited at the last minute and becomes a part of the family. It’s about being thankful for the people who love us and we have the privilege to love year after year.

So wear your stretchy pants and play dominos or Uno. Hold new babies who are enjoying their first Thanksgiving. Be who you are. Love the people in your life.


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