Yep I’m 40. And I like it. Think of all the things I can do in this decade! Be comfortable in my own skin. Not worry so much. Change. Embrace imperfections. Surround myself with people who love me just as I am. Enjoy my nieces as they grow into young women and my nephews as they enjoy being boys. Create new jam flavors, including a new line of reduced sugar jam. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Cook and bake and craft. Paint my little house classic yellow with white trim, the white color is called Icing. Grow more tomatoes and peppers in the summer. Watch my little espaliered fruit trees bloom and produce luscious plums and apricots. Travel to England and France and Italy. Keep laughing at the silly things I do and learning from my mistakes. Let it go, all the things that make my anxious. Laugh…a lot! Love and love and love and never stop, even when I get hurt. Keep my heart open and tender and have a good cry when I need it. Keep loving anyway. Live in freedom and joy. Smile like I did when I was 8.



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