The Remix

My niece Anna loves music and was born with a song in her heart. Aunt Becky’s flavors are going through some updates and changes. In order to make it fun and brag about just one of my amazingly talented nieces, I would like to first showcase Anna’s love of music.

Anna loves music! When she was 3 she often asked her mom to turn on the “moose-kick” when they were driving. Ariel has always been her favorite Disney princess; Ariel is a mermaid with a beautiful singing voice. Anna has been singing in “wee sing” at church since kindergarten.

anna wee sing

Anna enjoying an after performance candy cane.

She started playing piano in the 2nd grade. Anna participated in her 3rd grade class recorder recital (almost too awesomely nerdy for words). She also went through a thankfully very brief season in the 4th grade where she wanted to learned to play the trumpet. She practiced with my Grandpa John’s trumpet that he used when he was in the Navy in WWII. Every day I joked with my sister Heather and asked if her ears were bleeding from the sound of a small girl practicing her trumpeting skills.

One of my favorite memories of Anna’s musical talent was watching the much anticipated video of her playing the Star Wars theme on the piano on the night of Halloween while wearing her princess Darth Vader costume. Priceless!

princess darth vader

Because of her love for music, Anna also received a keyboard and headphones for composing songs in her room. She would stand in front of her keyboard with giant headphones on and a pencil and paper composing her own original works. A couple memorable titles are “My Dad Rocks!” and “How Great is Our God, The Remix”.

And here we come to the changes, Aunt Becky’s Remix. When a flavor is developed, it then goes to market. The process is pretty simple. I sample 14 rotating flavors at every farmers’ market and craft show. Certain flavors are wildly popular, like Marionberry Jam and Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread. Other flavors are not as well loved. In order to whittle down the list of offerings to open up opportunities for new flavors I’ve decided to discontinue several flavors (on the left) with the sister flavor that made the cut indicated next to it.

  • Spiced Apple Pie Butter = Summer Apple Butter
  • Peach Fruit Spread = Peach Bourbon Jam
  • Red Raspberry Jam = Raspberry Jam with Pear Brandy
  • Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry Quince Vanilla Sauce = Cranberry Orange Sauce
  • Strawberry Wine Sauce = Hood Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Blackberry Jam = Blackberry Merlot Jam

I’ll continue to develop recipes and flavors for currently offered and new fruits. If you have a suggestion or a favorite, I would love to hear it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Remix and have a song in your heart, just like Anna Banana Cakes.


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