Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. If you purchased or received a jar of Spiced Currant and Cherry Sauce as a gift this holiday season and it says it expires in 2014, the correct expiration year is 2015. You’re welcome to contact me directly if you’re still not sure or want to confirm. I apologize for the confusion.

I made another mistake this week while feeding baby S in the middle of the night. Since he’s not adopted yet. I can only share a picture of his sweet baby hand. I’ll describe him so you get a bit of a mental image. He’s 5 months old with beautiful nut brown skin and brown eyes. He has fat baby legs and little feet. He is a very happy baby. Baby S is also a very easy baby. He smiles a lot and his laugh sounds like a dove coo. His fat rosy cheeks and sunny disposition draw you in. Then he spits up on you and laughs about it.

Baby S

I promised to take over feedings one night so Heather and Matt could get a full night sleep in. My instructions were to feed him 3 times when he woke up and cried. Heather made up two bottles in advance and I just needed to make up the last bottle. Since he has frequent tummy problems, he gets a combo of formula and oatmeal cereal which helps keep down the food. Because of the oatmeal, the nipple on his bottle has an extra large opening. This causes him to suck down his bottle at an alarming speed. He barely breathes and just chugs it. It’s quite sweet and funny. All he needs then is a quick diaper change and about 2 minutes of soothing and rocking and he goes right back to sleep. For you non baby people, Baby S is incredibly easy.

The night in question, I fed him at 1:30. He woke up again at 5:45 and I fed him again. The next time I heard him cry, I woke up and put a bottle into his mouth. He chugged down about 3/4 then kind of played with it. I checked his diaper and it was mostly dry. That’s when it occurred to me to look at the time. It was only 6:45. I stuffed two full bottles (5 oz each) into that kid in an hour’s time. Again for the non baby people, that’s like eating a full lunch and dinner within an hour of each other.

Heather laughed when I told her about the bottles. She was a little put out that he slept so good for me, but figured he knew it was amateur hour. Baby S went a little longer than usual before he was hungry again.


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