Space Lift

Happy New Year! When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, the urge to clean, organize and redo is overwhelming. Often time the post-holiday blues hit as well. For me, these two conflicting feelings work together. Cleaning and revamping makes me happy and the physical exertion helps me not feel quite so depressed.

Up first up was my “Jam” room. Aunt Becky’s utilizes my somewhat funny shaped room off the dining room. I think it was originally part of the garage. At some point, a previous home owner added a laundry room on one end and a small powder room at the other end. My first project upon move in was to replace the hollow core door with a fireproof door and install a decent lock. Then I painted the walls a purple/lavender color like hydrangeas. I’ve been quite happy with the color and focused on other areas of the house and garden.


As you may have guessed, purple/lavender, even the lovely color of hydrangeas. does not match Aunt Becky’s color scheme. I’ve been itching to paint. I chose a fairly standard flat white for the ceilings. Boy, painting ceilings is unpleasant. But the clean crisp white without any soot stains looks beautiful.


I painted “Blue Bird” on the walls. It’s always nerve wracking in the middle of a color transformation.


In the end I love it. If I’m feeling grouchy, I think it has a slight toothpaste tinge. But mostly I love that it matches my overall decor. Plus I moved my seashells and related art to compliment the color.


The laundry area and powder room are in process. I’m currently waiting for the paint to dry on the linoleum floor. Hopefully Pinterest didn’t steer me wrong. Ha ha ha

Be on the lookout for a new line of reduced sugar jam from Aunt Becky; Hood Strawberry and Grape Jelly will be the first two flavors offered. With a freshly painted room, the creative jam ideas will start to flow as well.





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