If You Give A Girl…

If you give a girl a Harry Potter t-shirt that says “Muggle-born” for Christmas, she’s gonna wanna make a sign with a Harry Potter reference and a nerdy, yet awesome, joke.





Once she makes a sign for her laundry area, she’ll want to sew a new cover for her ironing board.




When the ironing board cover is done, she’ll want a little flap for her hose connectors.


After her pretty fabric square is installed, the girl will notice the floor doesn’t match very well. Since the laundry area is so close, she’ll notice that the floor in her powder room doesn’t match either. So she’ll decide to paint both floors at once. That’s right! Paint!

She’ll make a trip to the craft store for supplies. The girl will weave her way around a small, very articulate, little girl picking out craft paint colors to find the perfect stencil. It will be the stencil she was looking for! The girl will laugh at her Star Wars! reference.

After the craft store, the girl will go to the home improvement store for paint to go with her new stencil. She’ll select a dove gray paint for the floor and a snow white paint for the stencil. For the time being, she’ll buy the products the guy at the home improvement store suggests.

The girl will decide to do things right. First she’ll apply a deglosser/sander. She’ll wear safety goggles and gloves because she’s a teensy bit prone to accidents.


Then she’ll prime both floors. At this point, she will be feeling nervous about the end result.


Then she’ll paint two coats of flat gray paint. She’ll feel very nervous.


The girl will use her fancy stencil and brushes to stencil the flower pattern using the white paint. She’ll be excited about the look but not sure about the finished product.


Then the girl will go to the locally owned hardware store next to the sketchy comic book store. This time, she’ll pick out a water based sealant made especially for floors that dries “crystal clear”.

The girl will read the instructions and use a basic foam roller to apply the polyurethane. (She’ll have to look up how to spell the word polyurethane.) The girl will plan another trip to the home improvement store to return the fancy brush and the oil based polyurethane another day.

The girl will apply four coats of polyurethane to the floors. After each coat dries, she’ll add the next coat.


The girl remembers the trick her Uncle Randy taught her for painting. She’ll wrap her wet foam applicator in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge to stay wet between coats.

When the floors are dry, the girl will try hard to wait to use them. She will fail. It won’t matter. She’ll replace her washer and dryer without scratching her new floor.

The girl will hang up her sign and her lovely ironing board with its new cover.


After all that crafting and painting, the girl will watch a Harry Potter movie to rest and relax.

When she watches the Harry Potter movie, she’ll want to wear her “Muggle-Born” t-shirt.

When she wears her t-shirt, the girl will want to start a project…


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