Pomelo Marmalade

It’s marmalade season! In addition to Meyer lemon and navel orange, I’m adding Pomelo marmalade to the mix. Pomelos are enormous! And I am not exaggerating! Okay, I get it, too many exclamation points. But seriously, they are ginormous! Here’s a picture of a Pomelo cut in half next to a naval orange.


Aunt Becky’s Pomelos are grown at Pearson’s Ranch in California. You can even order your own if you want.


Pomelos are the largest fruit in the citrus family and ancient ancestors to the common grapefruit. Pomelos are sweet with little to no bitterness. A fresh segment has the flavor of a grapefruit with the sweetness of an orange.

It has been a while since my last post. One of the projects that I completed was hanging up a new light over the sink in my kitchen. I like the look of these glass lights with the halogen bulbs.
The new light really shows off the lovely pinky-orange of the Pomelo Marmalade.


Pomelos are given during the Chinese New Year as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Pomelo marmalade would be an excellent substitution to the fresh fruit for Chinese New Year or a delicious addition to your marmalade loves.


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