Gracie is 10!

Gracie is 10! Double digits! Yes, she feels older. Yes, she is still the same sweet, beautiful, smart, creative and amazing girl. Yes, I am biased because I am her auntie. No, I am not wrong. For real-sies.

(Me and Gracie wearing the halves of our “Best Aunt” necklaces that she made me out of a sea shell.)

best aunt necklace

I love my nieces and nephews so much! Anna is creative and thoughtful and has a lovely singing voice. Lily is like sunshine, especially at 5:20am. My nephew “A” is funny and pretty sure he will actually grow up to be a super-hero. Lincoln is way too smart for his own good (and his parents), sensitive and creates a vacuum of noise around him. Baby Wyatt is smiley and sweet. Baby “S” is plooshy and social and happy. I could go on and on and on.

Now of course I love all my nieces and nephews, but Gracie I get. She and I are a lot alike. So much so, in fact, that my sister Heather suggested I start paying her for child support since Gracie is often more like me than anyone in our family. We both like our sandwiches cut into triangles, aka “boats”. We both are a little loud. We both love candy and, let’s face it, almost all food. Gracie has a much more beautiful singing voice than I can ever hope for. She also has her mom’s honey brown hair where mine is much darker. But we do look quite a lot alike. For example, this is comparable pictures of each of us around age 4.

Becky 4 Gracie 4

Gracie is neat and keeps her room fairly clean, like me. She definitely inherited her overwhelming love of stuffed animal from her mom. When she decided she didn’t want to read anymore (in the second grade), I bequeathed her my Lisbet and the Fire Kittens book my Grandma gave me in the second grade. She won an award at the end of the year for being of the highest volume readers in her class. Heather feels very strongly that the award really belongs to her for making that kid read every day.

Since I didn’t get to see her on the auspicious day she turned 10, this post is my happy birthday to her. Well, sort of. There was also the box from Amazon that arrived a couple of days ago with the Wonder Woman pop figurine and the Wreck this Journal she requested. I’ll be honest, I spoil so that wasn’t it. But you get the idea.

Happy 10th birthday to my Gracie! I love you squirrel!


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