Peach Bourbon Jam Oops!

A watched pot never boils…but it’s still important to watch a boiling pot. After a couple of months of making marmalade, my jam-making is a little rusty. I tried to whip up a huge batch of Peach Bourbon Jam last Saturday. First, I ran out of Bourbon. Then, my greedy heart filled my big jam pot with the last of the peaches I picked from last summer. So I transferred some of the jam to a second smaller pot. After simmering the alcohol off of the missing bourbon, I added it to both pots.

It was at this point that I made a fatal mistake (fatal to jam that is). I walked away from the stove. It was only for a couple of minutes, I swear. When I came back I expressed an expletive and stirred both pots quickly. It was no use. The batch in the large pot burned. I mean burned with the smell of scorched sugar that is unforgettable if you’ve ever tried to make a failed batch of toffee. (It’s possible I have burned a batch or two of toffee as well.) The only shining moment is that the small batch was saved.

Sadly, I only have 11 jars. Only 11 jars until August-ish of 2015! August! That’s way too long to wait for more. Alas, I have no other options. There’s no way to make the peaches grow and ripen any faster. And any peaches I could purchase from a wholesaler just won’t taste the same as the big juicy peaches I picked from a local Oregon orchard last summer.

Two of the jars are reserved for a special customer who says my Peach Bourbon Jam is “the best jam he’s ever had”. One jar is reserved for me. Because I need to make salmon baked with a Peach Bourbon Jam glaze once more between now and August. That leaves only 8 jars. So if the Peach Bourbon Jam is your favorite, don’t wait until April or May. Get it now. Get it quick.


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