Tiffany’s Jam

My friend Tiffany Ioves my Raspberry Jam with Pear infused Brandy so much that she calls it “my jam”. “Oh, do you have any more of my jam?!?” 

Concurrently with making a huge batch of Tiffany’s jam , I’m also listening to Willie Nelson in advance of this Friday’s concert with Wille and Alison Krauss. “You are always on my mind” reminded me of, you guessed it, Tiffany. The bummer is that Tiff has a long term illness as well as four kids which makes it hard for her to galavant around town. As previously mentioned, I’m up to my eyeballs with fruit processing and jam making this time of year. 

So, Tiff, here’s to you. While you are not always on my mind (let’s face it, only my dreams of food meet that criteria), you are often on my mind. Love you!

PS To my other friend Tiff, love you too girlfriend! 

PS2 No one else get worked up cause you weren’t mentioned (you know who you are). 


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