Grape Jelly

If you’re excited to hear that I’m now making grape jelly to sell…you are going to be disappointed. I made a small batch for my nephew Lincoln from grapes my sister Rachel picked and juiced last summer.

Because I love Lincoln and grape jelly is one of his favorites, I whipped up a batch to send to him. Because I spoil him, he deeply believes that every package that arrives at the house is a present from his Aunt Becky. I can live with that!

I couldn’t quite get the grape jelly made in time for my last visit to Seattle. The highlight of the trip was taking Lincoln to his very first Mariner’s baseball game with his parents and his “Hanty” Michelle. He ate so many snacks and cheered and sang during the 7th inning stretch. We had a great time!

The next morning, Lincoln woke up and put on all of his gear including T-shirt, ball cap, lanyard, and the Batman sunglasses I bought him. Mini bat in one hand and his green bear “Scout” dressed in a t shirt in the other hand, he announced that he was ready to play ball! (Notice Wyatt in the background trying to bust out of the house.)

Meanwhile, Wyatt stood in the door to the bathroom with sad eyes because I wouldn’t let him swirl his plump little hand in the toilet. I’m so mean.   In case you are worried that Wyatt is anything but a happy and loved little boy, this is his happy flirty smile. Adorable!

If you really want grape jelly, look no further than Mt. Hope Farms in Molalla, OR. They grow their own grapes and make several flavors of grape jelly. As a bonus, they are about the nicest family you will find. You can check out their website at Mt Hope Farms. I know it’s crazy that I’m telling you to buy jelly from someone else, but I am. And I’m not sorry. I love supporting local farmers! Their grape jelly is delicious and they are super kind and generous!


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