Welcome Baby Sam & New Flavors!

Blueberry Mojito Compote and Fig Strawberry Jam! Yes please! You know how sometimes people post stuff on Facebook like, my life is awesome and here’s a picture to prove it. Well, this is one of those. So if you just aren’t in the mood, then skip right to the flavors. I am happy! And my life is awesome! And frankly, it’s been a rough road. One might say (and that one would be me) that it’s about time! Fair warning…this post will have a lot of exclamation points!

I have an awesome family. I love my job and my jam business. I have a boyfriend, John, who is pretty awesome and makes me laugh so hard that a variety of liquids have almost sprayed from my mouth as he tells a joke. And he’s geeky and nerdy and snuggly, just like I like. And my garden is, well a bit of a hot mess lately, but that’s okay. So yeah, I’m happy. On top of all of that, I have BIG news! I mean B – I – G!

My nephew Samuel is officially adopted! Yeah! He’s so sweet and plump and happy. He’s pretty sure the world revolves around him. Let’s face it, if your world was as small as a kitchen/dining room, that might be true for you too. Also, having four older siblings wouldn’t hurt.

And on top of baby Sam, I have some new flavors. It’s about time! Seriously, I’ve been trying to find time for Blueberry Mojito Compote for a year! A year! Good grief! Well, the wait was worth it.

 Also, the Fig and Strawberry Jam is pretty amazing too.

Both flavors have been taste tested by my co-workers. They are always willing to take one for the team and shove some jam in their mouths. They are just that nice. Either flavor works, so eat up!


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