Jam-iversary Prize for August 12th

Prize for August 12th is…

  • Aunt Becky’s Blackberry Merlot Jam


  • Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix = made in Oregon and delicious for gluten and non-gluten lovers
  • Toot Sweet Cupcake Liners = 48 bright liners for a double batch!
  • Red Mini Spatulas from Tolvolo for Sur La Table = once you own a set of these mini spatulas, you’ll wonder how you lived without them


With this prize kit, you will be able to make two batches of rich chocolate brownies filled with Aunt Becky’s Blackberry Merlot Jam. (As a side-note, I’m not being paid to promote any of the products mentioned.)

You will be entered to win each time you…


  • Like Aunt Becky’s on Facebook
  • Comment on Aunt Becky’s Facebook page
  • Add a photo on Aunt Beckys’ Facebook page
  • Share a post from Aunt Becky’s Facebook page


  • Make Aunt Becky’s Shop one of your favorites on Etsy
  • Write a review of one of Aunt Becky’s products on Etsy
  • Purchase a jar on Etsy


  • Follow Aunt Becky’s WordPress blog
  • Comment to one of Aunt Becky’s Wordpress blog posts


  • Follow Aunt Becky’s on Twitter
  • Comment on a tweet from Aunt becky
  • Retweet a post from Aunt Becky

Tualatin Farmers’ Market

  • Purchase a jar at the Tualatin Farmers’ Market or in person

Prize entries apply to likes, shares, comments, purchases as of midnight on August 12th. Prize winner will be announced on August 13th. Good luck!


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