Easy Peasy Cleany

Easy peasy cleany…not a great rhyme. A pretty terrible rhyme. This post will not make you want to eat jam. But it will save you time and effort scrubbing pots with burned on sugar and jam. 

Yes, I burned the jam. I burned a big pot of apricot jam. Since I don’t do things half way, it was really really really burned.  

Determined to not waste any time scrubbing, I settled in for some serious research. Said “research” included a glass of wine and Pinterest. I found a few tips that don’t work (which I’ll explain at the end so you don’t waste your time with them). 

This is my blackened jam pot. I cleaned off the sticky jam, but the burned part won’t budge.   Introducing the magical and cheap cleaners, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.     Pour in a good amount of baking soda (about a cup). Then douse it with hydrogen peroxide (about a cup).  Swish it around in the pot until it’s mixed. 

Let it sit overnight and return to your Pinterest binge. The next morning, your pot will look something like this. Ewww! Gross! Dump out the liquid and scrape off the black gunk. This is a VERY easy step. Most of the black comes off right away.   I scrubbed less than 30 seconds. For reals. Since I burned the jam very thoroughly, I actually needed to repeat the process again.    I repeated the process with less hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (about half a cup each).  The second morning, it was gross again.  

 After a quick rinse, my pot was sparkling clean. 


The tricks that didn’t work include:

  • Making a paste of baking soda and water (this pot was REALLY burned)
  • Soaking in hot water and dish soap
  • Heating up the empty pot and adding cold water. The theory is that the heat and cold will make a bubbly mix that lifts the burned part of the pot. Not so much. 

That’s it. As promised, easy peasy cleany. 


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