All Because I Fell In Love…

All Because I Fell In Love… It’s 3:45am and I’m awake. I frequently have insomnia. This morning, I’m awake because I’m excited for Black Friday sales. Before you judge me or roll your eyes, hear me out. 

Twelve years ago, I fell in love with a teensy baby girl named Anna. After Anna came Gracie. Then Lily-squish. Okay, three small girls isn’t bad. Okay then add Lincoln. Still manageable. Then little baby Wyatt. Then Andy, followed closely by Sam. Seven! Seven nieces and nephews. And did I mention that four of them have birthdays within a four week time frame between mid October and mid November?! I broke out into a cold sweat last year trying to make sure everyone got a birthday gift on time. 

Andy, Lily, Grace, Anna and baby Sam


  Lincoln and Wyatt

This year I changed my tactic and decided to do big birthdays and small Christmas presents. But there are still seven of them!

Would they still know they are loved with fewer or smaller presents? Of course! But they are also kids and kids love presents. Also, I have my cool Aunt status to maintain. Also, my primary love language is giving gifts. Also, they live in other states so my ability to express love and affection is more limited than if I could drive over and smother them with hugs and kisses on a schedule that I find acceptable. 

So it’s 3:45am and I’m awake. I’m going to Fred Meyer for the 5:00 am sale in about an hour. I already hit Target last night for Lily’s board game, Gracie’s Star Wars Pop, and Andy’s Iron Man electronic power gloves. All I need is toy cell phones for Sam (who actually called me on a real cell phone the other day) and Wyatt (who Loves pushing buttons), an Iron Man figure for Lincoln and an earring holder for Anna. She started this whole thing and I blame her. 

Of course I’ll also pick up new socks for me and some other surprise goodies. And I always check on which kids need pajamas, socks and underwear. (But I’m much too smart than to give any child socks and underwear as an actual present.)

Fred Meyer is my go-to Black Friday store. For those of you who don’t live in Oregon, Fred Meyer is the local grocery chain. They sell everything so every store has this comforting scent of produce, rubber tennis shoe soles, garden plants and candles, all covered with an overlay of humidity from the Oregon air.  It’s such a distinct smell that when I moved back to Portland seven years ago and stepped into the store, I felt like I was fourteen again. If that wasn’t good enough, they also give away coffee and donut holes on Black Friday. 

I might get some more socks and extra Christmas  lights along with a half gallon of milk. For now, I’m going to rest my eyes for a few more minutes before standing in the bitter cold. Happy Black Friday. 


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