Bink-a-Thon 2016

The annual Bink-a-Thon was a success. We made 183 blankets in five hours. The blankets were delivered to Northwest Children’s Outreach and given to kids in foster care and transitional housing as well as homeless kids. The blankets must only be soft, washable and made with love. The goal is to let each child know that they are valuable and important.   

With an important goal in mind, it was also a fun day. My friend Jane, aka Mamacita, was a fabric cutting machine. Eleven year old Emily* sewed fabric strips together to make tops. Her mom and little sister Kat* put the batting and backs together. I sewed tops and quilted the backs and binding. Kat snipped off the thread when the sewing was done. The label makers hand sewed a label on each blanket. Emily even earned a Girl Scout badge for being part of the Binky Patrol. 

Special thanks to Susan for her vision and organization. 


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