Seville Orange Marmalade 

At last! Classic orange marmalade made from Seville oranges. Aunt Becky’s Seville Orange Marmalade includes soft chewy Seville orange zest floating in silky sweet and bitter orange jelly.

If you’re a marmalade fan, I don’t need to explain further. If you haven’t heard of Seville oranges you’re missing out.

Seville oranges are unusually tart and FULL of seeds. I mean SEEDS! Seville oranges got their start as marmalade because they have very little pulp and they’re more sour than a Navel orange. For Aunt Becky’s Seville Orange Marmalade, you get something special. Instead of including the pith, white part of an orange, Aunt Beckys Seville Orange Marmalade includes the orange zest and juice.  The Seville Orange flavor really shines through.

For their inaugural year, only twelve jars are available. Snatch them up soon for your morning toast or afternoon tea.

Order Seville Orange Marmalade on Etsy.



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