So That Happened…

So That Happened…by “that” I mean March and half of April. It’s unlike me to go so long between blog posts, but there’s been a lot happening…

First, my nephew Lincoln got a nasty case of pneumonia (he’s fine now). He was in the hospital for a week and I made a last minute trip to Seattle to visit and give the family a nice long nap. Here he is posing for his adoring fans.

Second, my nieces Anna and Grace were in a local production of Seussical the Musical, inspired by the stories of Dr. Seuss. Obviously, a trip to San Diego was in order.


Along with two shows, we also visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park together.


Third, my boyfriend John bought tickets to the opening day of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood, CA. I really CAN NOT over-estimate my enthusiasm. On opening day, we waiting in line at 5:45am and visited the entire Wizarding World along with the rest of Universal Studios.

The next day, my sister Heather and brother-in-law Matt and my nieces drove up from San Diego to escape the muggle world and visit Hogsmead with us. (If I just lost you, don’t worry about it. I used a few light nerd references.)

Fourth, my dad passed away. He became very ill about a month before and wasn’t able to recover.  He passed away the night before our second day at Universal Studios with my nieces. (We decided to continue our trip to Universal Studios because the trip had been planned for over a year and we wanted to give my nieces the joy of the experience.) My dad and I were not close. In fact, we did not have a relationship for the past twenty years. He was still my dad.

Fifth, the week after my dad passed away, I had a joyful day of jury duty. Jury duty was surprisingly interesting and the Judge and court staff were exceptionally nice.

Finally, this past weekend, I visited my sister Rachel in Seattle to support her and spend time with my nephews Lincoln and Wyatt.

Unfortunately, I gave Lincoln a piece of chocolate without checking for tree nuts. He had an allergic reaction and a fun trip to the ER until 2am. Epic Auntie Fail!
To say that I am exhausted would be an understatement. A nice long nap really helped.

The great news is that I love making jam and I’m truly looking forward to the beginning of the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market and two early summer craft shows, St. John’s Bazaar and Crafty Wonderland.


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