Oh yes!

Oh yes! The freezer crisis is averted (mostly).

First, I confirmed that black burned marks around a freezer motor do not bode well for its health. By “confirmed”, I first asked my Uncle Randy if he knew anything about freezers. He said they were for keeping food frozen, followed by an emoticon of a face with tears streaming down its face from laughter. Then a serious, yep that looks really broken. 

Unfortunately, buying a new freezer was the best option. Rats! The new freezer is ordered for delivery on Monday between 7am and 9pm. There was no “lol” or “we’re joking that’s a crazy time range”. I’m supposed to get an email the night before with a two hour window. More reasonable.  

Second, I located more fruit! I procured a big box of rhubarb. I picked the first flowers from my English rose bushes for rose petal jelly. I also found a source for Hood strawberries, marionberries, Monmortency cherries, Honeycrisp apples, Asian pears and more rhubarb. 

After mixing up a huge batch of Rhubarb Fruit Spread and a smaller batch of Rose Petal Jelly, I feel more ready.  

Cedar Mill Farmers Market opens next Saturday, May 7th. I’ll be there with bells on!


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