25% More Cherries!

25% More Cherries! Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread now has 25% MORE cherries. The freezer collapse of 2016 has provided some fortuitous effects. Translated from nerd-speak, good things are happening!

One of the big losses of the freezer failure was the spoilage of all of the Montmorency Cherries as well as the red plum puree used in Aunt Becky’s Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread. Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread is Aunt Becky’s signature flavor! Oh the humanity.

cherries 2nditalian plum

Unfortunately, my source for red plums is not longer available. What to do? What to do? After quite a bit of research, no solution was in sight. So I did a remix, a remake, a make-over. I revitalized my signature recipe. Bold move! Yes it was, but the results are delicious.

Rather than the red plum puree, I used Italian Plum puree. Because the Italian Plums have a rich flavor, I pureed the plums with some Montmorency cherries for the sauce. Then I added a large quantity of whole Montmorency cherries. The resulting remix is rather delicious, I must say. Crisis averted. Supply restored. Recipe improved. Not a bad ending.

The Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market is Saturday, May 7th from 8am till 1pm. Try a sample of the new Cherry Pie Plum with 25% more cherries!


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