Boysenberry Jam & The Berry Family Tree

Boysenberry Jam is now available! The Summer of 2016 will be a BERRY-Fest extraordinaire. I can’t promise to make jam out of every berry, but I will be adding some customer requests as well as unique berries to Aunt Becky’s Special Jam choices.

Boysenberry Jam

What is a boysenberry? Boysenberries are a cross between a blackberry and a loganberry. Then what’s a loganberry? Well… it’s best to explain with a picture…

The Berry Family Tree

Oregon Berries is a great resource for all things berries. They provided the following sketch of the berry family.

  • Red Raspberry = Red raspberries are like the grandparents of the berry family tree
  • Blackberry = Like red raspberries, blackberries are also an heirloom berry
  • Loganberry = Loganberries are a second generation berry. They are a cross between a red raspberry and a blackberry
  • Boysenberry = Blackberry crossed with a Loganberry
  • Marionberry = An Oregon favorite, marionberries were developed in Marion County, Oregon, and are a cross between a loganberry and an Oldie blackberry

Other Berry favorites

  • Fall Gold Raspberry = Like the name suggests, these golden raspberries ripen in Autumn each year.
  • Tayberry = Similar to loganberries, tayberries are a cross between red raspberries and blackberries. Tayberries are named after the river Tay in Scotland, where they were developed.
  • Blueberry = There are too many types of blueberries to count! Who knew?! Blueberry are second in popularity to strawberries.
  • Huckleberry = Huckleberries are smaller than blueberries and more tart in flavor.
  • Strawberry = Strawberries are America’s favorite berry. These sweet red berries are versatile and signal the onset of summer.

Berry extravaganza has just begun! Stay tuned for my flavors. Stop by the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market the second and fourth Saturday of every month for a sample. Check out the Shop and Markets page for more info on where to try out all the berry flavors.




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