Winner Jam-iversary Prize – Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Winner of the Jam-iversary Prize – Meyer Lemon Marmalade is Donna B! Congratulations Donna! Donna won by liking Aunt Becky’s Facebook Page.

Jam-iversary Prize – Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Blueberry Scone Mix, retro floral oven mitt and Crate and Barrel jar spatula.

Meyer Lemons are sweeter than traditional lemons. They have a thin, soft rind and produce a marmalade that is delicious included in both sweet and savory recipes. According to the Lemon Ladies Orchard “They (Meyer Lemons) are so sweet you can eat them without puckering. The juice is sweet and floral at the same time. Meyer Lemon Marmalade is sweeter and much less bitter than traditional marmalade. Meyer Lemon Marmalade is the marmalade for people who don’t love marmalade.

Meyer Lemon Marmalade makes a delicious glaze over hot blueberry scones. The classic blueberry and lemon combination will not disappoint. You can also mix it with white wine, olive oil and rosemary and glaze over chicken breasts for juicy, slightly sweet main dish. Serve with brown rice and caramelized heirloom carrots and sweet onions.


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