Jam-iversary Prize – Boysenberry Jam

Jam-iversary Prize – Boysenberry Jam (a double size jar!), Bliss Peanut Butter and Dave’s Killer Bread make the ultimate PB&J!

Boysenberry jam is a deliciously sweet blackberry. Bliss Peanut Butter, made locally in Portland is the perfect compliment. Add another local Portland favorite Dave’s Killer Bread and you have a great sandwich. 

How to Enter
There are several ways you can enter to win via social media. You can get one entry to win for each time during August 2016 (unless otherwise noted) you:


  • Like Aunt Becky’s on Facebook (any time)
  • Comment on Aunt Becky’s Facebook page
  • Add a photo on Aunt Becky’s Facebook page
  • Share a post from Aunt Becky’s Facebook page


  • Follow Aunt Becky’s on Instagram (any time)
  • Like and/or comment on a photo


  • Make Aunt Becky’s Shop one of your favorites on Etsy (any time)
  • Write a review of one of Aunt Becky’s products on Etsy
  • Purchase a jar on Etsy


  • Follow Aunt Becky’s WordPress blog (any time)
  • Comment to one of Aunt Becky’s WordPress blog posts


  • Follow Aunt Becky’s on Twitter (any time)
  • Comment on a tweet from Aunt Becky
  • Retweet a post from Aunt Becky

In Person

  • Purchase a jar at the Cedar Mill or Moreland Farmers’ Markets or in person

The Rules

In case you forgot, I’m a CPA for my day job. Just like the auditors for the Academy Awards, I take the prizes and contest rules very seriously. So here goes.

If you already Like, Follow, Favorite, etc. you are already have one entry!

Prizes will be awarded at least weekly and names will be selected using (nerd alert) a random number generator in Excel. Trust me when I say, I love this stuff!

Immediate family members and their families are not eligible to win. For example, no prizes for my sister Heather, my brother-in-law Scott or his immediate family, my cousin Susanna or her family, etc. Sorry Nana and Papa, you’re off the list too. Last but not least, my boyfriend John and his family is also not eligible. If you fit in this category, you can still like, share, post, comment and share with your friends.

If you win a prize, you will be notified and must reply within 24 hours. After 25 hours, I will draw another name from the pool of names eligible on the day you originally won.

If you live in the Portland area, I will coordinate with you for in person delivery.

If you don’t live in the Portland area, I will ship your product for fee. You will be given the option to order other jars on Etsy to be shipped with your prize.

All drawings will take place after 7pm PST. The winner will be announced the following day.

Good luck!


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