Holiday Gift Wrap

During the holiday season, time seems more condensed and stressful. What nicer than saving you time? Free. Free is better. Aunt Becky’s offers gift wrap FREE with purchase. 

Available gift bags are small white or Christmas sweater and medium are white or red snowflake. Gift tags include glitter turquoise snowflake, glitter white snowflake (not shown), red candy cane, wooden deer, red bird embossed and the perennial favorite blue bird.

Gift bags and gift tags have been made in the USA for the past couple of years. Aunt Becky’s is excited to announce that ribbon is now also made in America. Ribbon choices vary but include classic red and turquoise with white stitching (both shown) as well as glitter turquoise; red, white and silver stripe; turquoise with white polka dots and red with white polka dots. 

Aunt Becky’s products are the perfect gift for hostess gifts, co-workers, neighbors, kids’ teachers and just to keep on hand. Recipes are available online so it’s easy to make a special recipe using Aunt Becky’s jam, fruit butter, marmalade and sauce. 

As a bonus, you still have three days to get 15% off the annual (and only) October sale. 


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