Small Business Saturday & Flavors with Limited Inventory

Happy Thankgiving! Gobble! Gobble! Today is Small Business Saturday! I love and support small businesses and have some specific plans for shopping today. 

But I also love Black Friday shopping. I used to turn up my nose and scorn people who got up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for a discount TV or toaster. But then my eldest niece Anna was born. And then Grace. And then Lily. Whew! My brother in law Matt was working at Target managing the front registers while going to school full time. And my sister Heather was a stay at home mom with three kids in diapers, age 3 and younger.  She had exactly $5 a week to spend on “fun”. So saving 50% off on a toy seemed like a big deal. 

I reluctantly went with my sister Heather one year, and found out it was fun! It’s a contest to try and get everything on your list. And you make friends with strangers standing next to you while you wait. These best part is that it’s legal to sell liquor in the grocery stores in California. Coincidentally, the like to check out always snakes through the liquor aisle. So you can impulse buy a libation and also shop the rejects that people picked up then changed their mind about while in line. Some of my favorite rejects snugged up to a bottle of vodka or gin include children’s pjs, Disney DVDs, lip smackers, and Barbies. 

All that to say, I have no problem with Black Friday shopping. My favorite store is Fred Meyer because they sell everything, the people are super nice, I always get what I want, and they give out free coffee and mini donuts. This year I started a new tradition of also buying toys for the local toy drive. I only bought toys that were 50% off or more and evenly split boys and girls toys. Yippee! Lots of toys to give away! 

So what’s left on my list after my shopping spree on Friday morning? The special gifts. My Small Business Saturday is reserved for those people or gifts that just don’t fit in a big box store. For example, I’ll be special ordering custom earrings from my friend Alison of Alison Park Designs. 

After you’ve sorted through your gift giving list, please consider giving Aunt Becky’s jam, fruit butter, marmalade and sauce. Free gift wrap is always included too! 

If you have a specific person or flavor in mind, a few of Aunt Becky’s flavors have limited inventory including: 

  • Honeycrisp Apple Butter
  • Roasted Italian Plum Butter
  • Cherry Amaretto Sauce
  • Loganberry Jam
  • Meyer Lemon Marmalade
  • Seville Orange Marmalade
  • Rose Petal Jelly

If any of these are your favorites, don’t wait until mid-December to order. Order online for shipping. You can also email for a Portland order. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I love spoiling my nieces and nephews. I also love my customers to be happy and get just what they want. 

So happy Thanksgiving! Happy Small Business Saturday 🙂 


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