Raspberry Pomegranate Jam

Raspberry Pomegranate Jam is Aunt Becky’s newest flavor, just in time for the holidays. 

My Mom Dorothy inspired my newest flavor. (And yes she has a little dog, but her name isn’t Toto, it’s Ruby.) My Mom has a Pomegranate tree in her yard in Phoenix. Like me, she can be rather ambitious at times. She juiced her pomegranates and got enough juice to make jelly. If you’re thinking “that would take forever” you would be correct! She shipping the resulting Pomegranate Jelly from Phoenix to Portland with a suggestion. 

Opening the resulting Pomegranate Jelly, I was unsure what to expect. The dark thick jelly definitely tasted like Pomegranate but there was something missing. Time for some mixing. I unbottled the eleven jars, added a healthy amount of raspberries and organic cane sugar and…magic! 

The finished Raspberry Pomegranate Jam is delicious! The Pomegranate juice adds a depth and richness to the sweet tart raspberries. A tablespoon of fresh Pomegranate seeds float on top of each jar for a little something extra special. 

For good measure, I took a jar to work with a loaf of fresh bakery bread and a round of Brie. My coworkers were kind enough to sample the jam, “just to make sure”. We ate the whole jar. 

And not to worry, I can definitely make more. I’ll just use Pomegranate juice for future batches. My Mom has decided that juicing Pomegranate is not worth the effort. 


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