Quince Butter

Quince Butter is now available. If you’re not familiar with Quince, here are the basics about this Old World fruit:

  • Looks like a cross beteeen an apple and a pear. The inside looks like a apple when raw and turns a deep rosy orange color when cooked. 
  • Feels hard like a watermelon rind and fuzzy like a peach. 
  • Smells like flowers and pumpkin when cooking. 
  • Tastes like honey and … quince. 

      Quince is it’s own fruit; nothing else compares. Because quince has a very high pectin content, it’s a natural thickening agent for jams and jellies. When commercial pectin became available, quince lost its popularity. 

      Quince is still well loved around the world.  It’s often paired with Manchego cheese in Spain. The Portuguse word for Marmalade derives from the word quince. Quince is a common fruit in Lebanese and Iranian and other Middle Eastern cooking. It’s popular in Russia and the Balkan countries as well as Peru. 

      Try some this weekend at Crafty Wonderland. 


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