Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be a great year! Aunt Becky’s is anticipating some big changes.


Aunt Becky’s will be selling at annual and quarterly events during 2017. The Crafty Wonderland Summer and Holiday shows will continue to be favorites. Look for opportunities to buy jam at fairs, festivals and bazaars to be announced soon.

Due to time constraints, Aunt Becky’s will no longer be selling at Farmers’ Markets. Thank you to all my customers and fellow vendors at the Moreland and Cedar Mill Farmers’ Markets.


2016 welcomed new favorites including Fig Honey Jam and Raspberry Pomegranate Jam as well as the return of Spiced Pear Butter. New flavors are on the horizon for 2017. Aunt Becky’s will finally master Blueberries with a new Blueberry sauce. Pomelo Marmalade and Meyer Lemon Marmalade will be retired in 2017. Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Vanilla Bean will continue to be available.




2017 will be the year of recipes! Okay, at least a seasonal recipe each month. January will begin the fun with a new marmalade recipe.

2017 is going to Rock! Kick it! Be Rad! Okay, 2017 will be filled with jam, puns, nieces and nephews and dorky nerd references.


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