Happy February…7th?

Goodness! How is it already February? I may have over estimated my jam plans for January. Like a lot…over…estimated. In fairness, I’ve been fighting a bit of an uphill battle. 

First, it snowed in Portland. If you’re not a Portlander, we don’t know how to deal with snow. A few inches shits the city down. Jam jars and sugar deliveries were days late. So even with all the snow, no jam simmered on the stove. 

Second, as per usual, I was a bit occupied with house projects. January 1st com rolls around every year and I am compelled to organize and upgrade. This year included new slide-out cabinets and shelf paper for my bathroom cabinet. 

My washing machine breathed it’s last in December. Again, because of the snow, the new machine was days late being delivered. At one point, I shoveled my very long driveway just to get the car out and do one load of emergency laundry at my friend Cheryl’s house down the street. 

Third, life goes on without thinking of snow or jam. My boyfriend John and I celebrated the two year anniversary of our first date at Andina. If you have a chance to eat st Andina, do it! Now! You won’t be sorry. It’s my new favorite restaurant. 

Also, there’s the pesky income tax issue. I received my W-2 in the mail postmarked with this awesome Wonder Woman stamp. Way to make preparing a tax return a tiny bit fun. 

I did manage to made some delicious marmalade! Meyer Lemons arrived from Lemon Ladies for a fresh batch of Aunt Becky’s Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Vanilla Bean. 

Heirloom Navel Oranges are a sweeter upgrade to Aunt Becky’s Navel Orange Marmalade. 

February is a whole new months with not too many mistakes in it yet. 


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